Meet the Planner

DeJane’ Hill

Entrepreneur | Business Consultant | Life Coach

DeJane’ Hill is an enthusiastic and infectious entrepreneur, business consultant, and life coach. She is currently the founder and CEO of Posh Events, an innovative event-planning and specialty services company based in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Started in 2015, Posh Events has helped numerous clients across Atlanta with wildly imaginative event design and planning concepts. Hill and her team have worked with distinguished clients to plan weddings, corporate events, and parties. Over the past five years, her business has expanded into numerous markets. 

"Change your thinking process, and you change the process of your life"

– DeJane’ Hill -

A Remarkable Journey of Professional Growth

Hill has been a catalyst for growth, change, and corporate success for top organizations that range from international manufacturing & supply companies and non-profit agencies to healthcare providers. Her management and leadership skills have carried her across the spectrum of enterprise-level corporate environments over the past 20 years. 

DeJane’ Hill’s coaching initiative, One Life, One Creation, has empowered hundreds of women, as they discover their true potential and establish their life goals. She has guided numerous women who are on the path to healing and self-discovery. Her efforts have created opportunities and clear benchmarks for others to follow in their lives and careers.

Career Milestones

DeJane’ Hill earned her business degree from American Intercontinental University. Other notable credentials include:

  • Successful implementation and restructuring of internal processes for enterprise-level organizations
  • Fundraising strategy development and execution that has generated over $500K monthly in donations.
  • Certified Transformational Life Coach, helping women achieve their personal and professional goals

Visionary Entrepreneur

Each moment throughout Dejane’s career prepared her for the launch of Posh Events, a comprehensive event planning company that serves clients in Atlanta, Ga and throughout the U.S. Posh Events provides a wide range of customized services such as event planning, decor, vendor sourcing, catering, rentals, layout & design, and full event execution. 

DeJane’ Hill and her team have a collaborative spirit, working closely with the client through each stage of the event planning process. Her meticulous attention to detail, impeccable work ethic, and ability to identify and recruit talented individuals are what have fueled the success of Posh Events.

A Clear Vision and
Sense of Purpose

DeJane’ Hill  understands the importance of self-improvement and helping others become the best version of themselves. She is guided by a core principle: love others as you want to be loved. She also knows what it takes to fight for what is important. Her goal is to empower those around her and embrace positive vibrant energy that nurtures her life, her brand, and her companies.


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